Sperian I-Block II - PRESS RELEASE - 8th December 2010


I-Block II - Patient IPL and Laser Protective Eyewear

DiOptika now stocks the Sperian I-Block II laser eye shields.  The I-Block II are made from featherweight alloy which is 1/3 the weight of other models on the market. They allow easy access to all areas around the eye during treatment while covering the orbital area. The new patent pending cylinder allows you to rotate eye wire while eye cups stay in position. The Sperian I-Block II laser eye shields provides protection from all lasers operating from 190-11100nm with an OD of 7.Sperian I-Block II patient eye shields can also be used for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. Heat diffusion material keeps eye cool. Rounded edges provide comfortable, snug fit.

Includes (1) pair eyewear, durable storage case and adjustable strap.

CE and ANSI certified.

I-Block II Protection Level: OD 7 @ 190nm-11,100nm, EN 207: 315-1400 D L7 + IR L8, 1400-11000 DI L4. CE marked.

Sperian I-Block II

  For more information on the I-Block II IPL & Laser Protection please call us on 07 5525 6843 or send us an e-mail. To see our full range of IPL Glasses please click here Enquire about IPL-1 Goggles