Laser Goggles vs Laser Glasses

Laser Goggles are a completely enclosed form of eyewear compaired to laser glasses. Often people get confused with the terminology and actually mean laser glasses when refering to laser eyewear as laser goggles however these are two quite different styles of safety eyewear. While we also offer the option of our laser filters in laser goggles we find that laser glasses provide a more comfortable and practicle form of laser safety eyewear that is prefered by our customers. For this reason all the stock eyewear on our site are Laser Glasses.

The main disadvantage of laser goggles is that they tend to easily fog up, even when they have breathing slots, and block the users vision and hence functionality. They are also less comfortable than laser glasses when worn over long periods of time due to persperation between where the rubber of the laser goggles meets the face. Laser Glasses on the other had have the advantage over laser goggles in that they allow more airflow to the lens surfaces hence greatly reducing the possibility of fogging up. Laser glasses still allow excellent all round protection as do laser goggles and allow both the option of a modern style or a style that allows prescription glasses to be worn underneath. Laser goggles also have an added disadvantage of being bulkier than laser safety glasses. The laser glasses and laser goggles we offer are compliant with Australian / New Zealand (AS/NZS 2211.1:2004), European (EN207 EN 60825-1) and US laser safety (ANSI Z136 US FDA) standards.

For these reasons we choose to stock an extensive range of laser safety glasses in both modern and fitover style as oppose to laser goggles. If you have any questions on this or do have a preference for laser goggles let us know and we will be happy to offer any of our range in a laser goggles version.

For an overview of the range of laser filters we can offer in laser goggles click here, choose a part number in the laser glasses version and add the letter G to the end of the part number. For example if the laser glasses part number is LG-001 then the equivelent in laser goggles is LG-001G.