DiOptika Now Distributes Sperian Laser & IPL Eyewear- 18th June 2010

DiOptika is now a distributor for Sperian's range of laser & IPL eyewear. Sperian manufacture a wide range of laser eywear which includes both polycarbonate laser filters as well as glass laser eyewear filters which allows DiOptika to increase its range and cover pretty much all laser types. Sperian's Lightspeed glasses are unparalled for IPL operator use providing excellent visibility and darkening in response to the IPL flash. The range of glass laser eyewear filters allows a wider range of protection as well as increased visibility compared to polycarbonate filters.
  The Sperian laser and IPL eyewear distributed by DiOptika are compliant with Australian / NZ laser safety standards AS/NZS 2211.1, European laser safety standards EN207/EN208 and US laser safety standards. Sperian Laser Eyewear

  For more information on Sperian laser or IPL eyewear please call us on 07 5522 5876 or send us an e-mail. To see our full range of Laser & IPL Eyewear please click here Enquire about IPL-1 Goggles