IPL Goggles & Laser Goggles For Client with Silcone Cups- PRESS RELEASE - 20th August 2010


The IS-015i IPL Goggles and Laser goggles are made out of a brush stainless steel making them extremely robust while not reflecting the IPL flash. They now come with reuseable silicone rubber cups as standard which provide additional comfort for the client. The IS-015i IPL Goggles come with three sets of adjustable head straps, a spare set of silicone rubber cups and an metal storage case.

The nose bridge of the IS-015i IPL Goggles is high off the nose and combined with the small cup size allows access to IPL treatments all around the eye.

The IS-015i IPL Goggles are CE marked and compliant with Australian , New Zealand and International safety standards.

  • IPL & Laser Patient Eye Protection & Accessories
  • Protect against IPL and lasers from 190nm to 11,000nm
  • NEW - Soft replaceable silcone eyecups for extra patient comfort
  • Small cup size allows close work around the eye
  • Flexible bridge so fits to face
  • Adjustable head straps for a comfortable close fit
  • Comes with spares silcone cups and head straps
  • CE Marked, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards
  • Autoclavable with elastic straps
  • Complete with attractive metal storage case
  • Robust with Lifetime warranty
IPL Goggles

  For more information on the IS-015i IPL Goggles please call us on 07 5522 5876 or send us an e-mail. To see our full range of IPL Goggles please click here Enquire about IPL-1 Goggles